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"Thank you for your services...We will always remember you as our guardian angel."

- A. S., Health Care
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"I cannot tell you how helpful you were to us...being so knowledgeable...and providing clear strategies to deal with the situation/family."

- M. F., daughter-in-law

Telephone Consultation:


Occasionally, Professional Care Managers are not conveniently located in certain areas, mostly rural.  Other times, an hour or longer telephone consultation is all that a caregiver may need in order to obtain needed services for their loved one--direction, encouragement, or specific guidance relative to a host of issues ranging from Medicare, Medicaid, Advanced Directives, Finances, community resources, health care issues and more.  For those situations, we offer telephone consultations for as long as necessary.

While this is not a substitute for onsite professional care management, it nonetheless serves those without other options available to them, and at the very least, can provide insight as to services and resources that may be available.  The goal of such a consultation is to permit you to make informed decisions prior to a crisis, wherein choices become limited. 

Our fee for telephone consultations is $150.00/hour with additional time billed in half hour increments at $75.00.  All consultation services are provided by a licensed Professional Care Manager.  Payment can be made via PayPal or Google Checkout.  All relevant information discussed will be emailed to you at no additional charge.






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